Benches from plastic film recycling

The Hershey Lions have delivered the first two park benches from their plastic recycling program within the township. Over the past 6+ months, the Lions have partnered with Grace United Methodist Church (GUMC), Hershey Library, and Deimler Stables to collect recyclable materials including plastic bags and other plastic film products. For each 500 pounds collected, a bench is provided by the Trex company – up to one every 6 months. Through the partnership with GUMC, up to 2 benches are possible every 6 months. Since November, over 1600 pounds have been collected, and a third bench is expected next month.

The first two benches were delivered – to the Derry Township Parks & Recreation Center and GUMC. Our club thanks all of the effort in collecting plastics to make this possible – keeping the plastic out of landfills, and providing comfortable, sturdy benches for use around the township. Plastics can be dropped off to receptacles at both the Hershey Library and GUMC. Additionally, Deimler Stables has a receptacle for plastics from feed bags as well as boarder donations.

Derry Township Community Center

Grace United Methodist Church